911 Siren Information

The following procedures are used to alert the public about emergencies:
Imminent Severe Weather Straight and steady tone.
A 3 minute steady tone.
Sirens will be re-activated if threat continues.
Fire Straight and steady tone.
At approximately 1-minute steady tone.
Nuclear or other war attacks. Wavering tone (up and down)
The tone runs on a 3-minute cycle.
Sirens will be reactivated if threat continues.

Sirens are designed as a means of warning the population outdoors. They are not designed to be heard inside your home or business.

When stormy weather is prevalent you are responsible for your own protection by staying information either through television, your local radio station or weather alert radio.

The Washington County Communication Center relies on the volunteer spotters and citizens to report weather events. The communication center does not have any special equipment that gives advance warnings other than the teletype, television, internet and radio reports.

The Communication Center has the capability of sounding the sirens by radio activation in every town, except the City of Clifton. Clifton's siren is activated by the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

Please remember, if your city is without electricity, the sirens will not work. Likewise, if the communication center is with electricity we will not be able to sound the sirens. Don't depend on the sirens as your only means of notification for severe weather.

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