Denae Dimler

County Clerk
Washington County, Kansas

Official: Denae Jueneman, County Clerk
Kathy Fritz, Deputy County Clerk
Diana Svanda, Payroll Clerk
Address: 214 C Street
Washington, KS 66968
Phone: 785-325-2974
Fax: 785-325-2303
Toll Free Phone: 888-955-2974
Hours: 8:00 to 5:00 -- Monday through Friday
Email: Denae Jueneman, County Clerk or copy and paste below address:

Duties of County Clerk
Secretary to County Commissioners.
Process accounts payable for all county departments.
Process county payroll and prepare all necessary reports.
Balance daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly with the County Treasurer.
Maintain personnel files.
Maintain copies of current county policy and job descriptions.
Record transfer of ownership from all land transactions.
Maintain a file of all real estate by address, legal description and name.
Issue fish and game licenses, big game permits, and stamps.
Work closely with all county departments.

Helpful Links:
Kansas Secretary of State
For Voter Application for Advance Voting Ballot

Kansas Department of Health and Environment
For Vital Statistics Information and Forms Secretary of State for voter applications and application for advance ballots.

Kansas Wildlife and Parks
Our office sells most Licenses and Permits offered by Kansas Wildlife and Parks
County Election Clerk
Voter Registration Site.
Maintain Registration Database.
Generate voter registration list and reports.
Accept filings for public office.
Make available advanced voting in the office 20 days prior to every election.
Prepare elections results and meet with the County Board of Canvassers.
Certify election results to the public and Secretary of State.
Combine all valuations for each tax district and certify values to each tax district and the state.
Assist with preparation of township, cemetery and fire district budgets and annual reports.
Compute all tax levies and prepare levy sheets.
Repare real estate, personal property, intangibles and state assessed tax roll and certify to County Treasurer for collection.
Prepare Homestead and Food Sales Tax returns.
Issue moving permits.
Maintain tax unit maps of the county.
Balance and certify distribution of motor vehicle taxes to the County Treasurer.
Assist and work with City Clerks

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