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Recycling Plant

Washington County drop off and processing facility is located 2 blocks south of 36 Hwy and 15 Hwy junctions in Washington, Kansas.

Washington County is currently operating a successful and growing countywide recycling / reuse program for it citizens.  This recycling program originally started in 1987 on a volunteer basis through the 4-H Youth Program with those responsibilities formally assumed by the county in late 1991

The success of this program has exceeded expectations.  When first implemented approximately 36 tons of material were being collected. In 2000 this total was 276 tons and in 2002 the total was 432 tons an increased 90 percent.  We feel that being able to keep this material out of the landfills, Washington County is doing their part in waste reduction and helping preserve the land for our children!

We offer citizen of Washington County who recycle a credit at the end of each year, so be sure and sign our recycling sheet every time you recycle!

Acceptable Items:

Corrugated cardboard Newsprint Magazines
Books and phone books
Tin and aluminum cans
Notebook paper, computer printouts, office scrap other assorted paper. NO CARBON PAPER.
Plastic containers must be separated into HDPE 1 or 2 and PETE 1 or 2, and milk containers kept separate.

Recycling Guide
General Guidelines for Preparing Materials

Items we will accept are:
Food & beverage bottles - Rinsed, lids removed.
Oil & Oil Filters Placed in a container, which is free from other materials to avoid contamination oil.  These items must be dropped off during business hours.
Aluminum cans. Rinsed, free of liquid and foreign material.
Polystyrene Egg cartons, meat trays, etc Separated from other plastics.
Plastic Bottles and Milk Jugs Rinsed, flattened, lids and rings removed.
Newspaper Clean and dry
Tin/Steel Cans

Plastic Pesticide Container
Recycling Program

Washington County has a recycling program in place, which allows farmers and commercial applicators to recycle their plastic pesticide containers.

All pesticide containers must be triple rinsed in accordance with the label.  It is best if the containers are rinsed at the time you fill the sprayer and the rinse water is added to the spray solution.

We them bale these containers and a recycling company picks them up.  They are chipped and the chipped containers are used to make plastic products such as pallets, board, posts, parking blocks, picnic tables and park benches.

Always read and follow label directions when applying herbicides and disposing of chemical containers.

Farmer Used Oil
Recycling Program

Farmers in Washington County can take advantage of used oil and filter recycling program just by calling our office.

This program offers each farmer an opportunity to participate in the program. Just give us a call and we will pick-up your 55 gallons drum and replace it with ours to be filled again.  Please do not mix anti-freeze, cleaners or gasoline in your oil to prevent commingling of the oil.

If we can assist you with management of your used oil and filters, give our office a call.

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